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Interview with Chef Robert Cabreros of Yuba College's Culinary Department, Clear Lake Campus

Chef Robert Cabreros is a legend amongst the town folk of Lake County, a driving force in the culinary community. You mention that he's cooking and everyone wants to be there. His luau's are filled with tasty delights and dancing treats. This reporter's palette has been tantalized by the subtle flashes of flavor within what you would think should taste like something else but suddenly your mouth is tingling with the presence of fennel - ummmmm heaven.

When we sat down to chat he started up complaining about the high price of Ahi tuna ($15 a pound!) when suddenly something in the kitchen captured his attention, all smiles were gone and he was off & running to control the situation. A calm presence but very controlled and respected by his students and staff, Chef Robert strives to challenge his students into thinking creatively. His goal is to expand the students' pallet by staying away from the ordinary, overused ideas and flavors with over 20,000 recipes to choose from.

So quick and subtle are his gestures before he moves (a great poker face) that you are totally taken off guard when he makes the slice across the throat gesture at someone behind you in the kitchen to turn the fryer off, not meant at all to be a threatening gesture towards the viewer but one that had a sudden scare to it all the same.

Peg Board Chairman, Ed Robey and myself attended the Chef's bi yearly food service industry open house but were surprised that there were very few restaurateurs in attendance, however those who were there made good use of the opportunity to taste some delicious tapas and network with others. The chef discussed his ideas for developing a baking section, a future wine appreciation class and for the topic of hospitality and all that entails.

The crown jewel of Yuba College Clearlake Campus, Aromas Cafe has seasonal scheduling and is open for service Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday beverages and snacks 11:30-1pm with the service window open at 9:15am. Chef Robert, Aromas and it's place in the revitalization of Lake County's reputation.

We have the wines, it's now time to have the food that is so memorable people will come back again & again to feast and I believe Chef Robert, his staff and students, past and present are the ones to do it.

<-- Beth Katherine Kaiman, LCPTV Staff

"The Highlands" Presents: Chef Robert Cabreros Yuba College Culinary Dept

Aromas Cafe's Downloadable Menu for the Spring Semester.

Aromas Cafe is located on the campus at 15880 Dam Road Extension, Clearlake.


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