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CLERC - Clear Lake Environmental Research Center, Carolyn Ruttan

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CLERC - Clear Lake Environmental Center, Carolyn Ruttan 3/19/16

Carolyn Ruttan is one of those very interesting persons you could listen to for hours talking about plants, water and science. To catch up with her you will have to attend a local Sierra Club meeting or find her traipsing about in the mud along the banks of Clear Lake planting tules, ranting about the Marsh Marigolds & Hydrilla that are invading the native species habitats and her hopes and dreams for the future of Clear Lake but mostly for the potential of research at the future location of the Clear Lake Environmental Research Center at Mary Mount College which has already begun concerning the uses of Cyanobacteria in Cancer research in the medical field to Bio-fuels for commercial usage. Carolyn's enthusiasm and passion for science is infectious and inspiring + her accent really makes it easy to learn, of course that could be preconditioning from scientific documentaries on PBS, NatGeo or the Discovery Channel where all the scientists have accents. Come to think of it I can see her talking about the Clear Lake Environmental Research Center C.L.E.R.C. in the future on the Discovery Channel as this venture is Nobel Prize worthy research. Soon you will also become enthused with her dedication to science and discovery that sparks her everyday hunt for new truths in science. Oh and one more thing, she and her husband also produce a mean Petite Surrah wine, Lake County style.

Beth Katherine Kaiman LCPTV Interim Station Manager



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