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CC4C - Citizens Caring For Clearlake!

Citizens Caring for Clearlake (CC4C) is a group of ordinary local people who have been brought together by an extraordinary idea - our town does not have to live down to it's trashy reputation. It can become the "Pristine Clearlake" that we all want.

It all started with individual citizens recognizing the tragedy of local bllight and attempting to improve the looks and health of their neighbourhoods. As solo workers we all were disappointed by the continual re-trashing of the areas they had cleaned up. We found that litter is like a never ending tide-ebbing when cleaned up, but constantly returning .

Barbara Christwitz is one of these tireless, anti-litter advocates. A small boy in her neighbourhood noticed that she was continually cleaning up on her street and offered her $1.00 for her work. Reasoning that if she could find the money for dump fees and a way to encourage people to clean up their littered neighbourhoods, a trash-free Clearlake might not be out of reach. At a party Barbara met a philanthropist who listened to her idea and donated a sum of money for trash disposal. This was the beginning of CC4C.

Soon after that Barbara spoke out during "Citizen's Input" segment at the City Council meeting. Dressed in her stylish CalTrans vest and hard hat and sporting her trash bucket and "picker-upper" she related the story of the grant and encouraged everyone to come out and help.

Other people who had been working on their own learned about the project and soon a group of like-minded citizens was formed. Projects which would have been impossible for one person alone were contemplated and completed.

The Sulphur Bank Road cleanup was one of the first group projects. The City of Clearlake partnered with many individuals to clean up the trash that had accumulated over years. The next week District 3, Supervisor Jim Steele sponsored a cleanup on the portion of Sulphur Bank Road in his District. Next, there was a week-long Burns Valley clean-up behind the Safeway and Grocery Outlet parking lots. Again concerned members of the community joined in and many truckloads of trash were taken to the landfill from the area. Members of the CC4C also participated in the City of Clearlake's city clean-up event on June 6. An even more ambitious project of a week long clean-up of an 11 acre parcel east of Pomo School took place July 13-20th.

Barbara's energy and philosophy of including everyone and working only so long as the work is fun permeates the group. One of the consequences of CC4C's activity is enhanced communication among members of our community in many different spheres. Our mailing list now reaches 56 community members. Our telephone list includes another 10 who have no internet access.

Some of our members include: Neickol Cook, Clearlake Park advocate extraordinaire and budding film documentarian, who has spent hundreds of hours cleaning up and posting her inventive anti-litter signs at restored dump sites in the Park and the "Pomo Zone" around Pomo School. Pat Lieuallen, a talented publicist, has created the flyers and cards we hand out. Vicki Crystal, our CalTrans liaison coordinates our monthly Adopt-a-Highway project and scouts possible projects sites. These are only a few of the many volunteers who have given their time and energy to our projects.

Through the CC4C, Clearlake households may receive a grant for up to $30.00 at the East Lake Landfill. Informational cards and flyers are distributed by the members of CC4C. Time Bank members may receive hours for participating in the cleanups. To join the CC4C mailing list call Barbara at 995-9040 or email her at bchristwitz@ hotmail.com <-- Written by Sarah Jones

Filmed by: Beth Katherine Kaiman, LCPTV's Volunteer Programmer


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