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PEG Board Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2013 - Clearlake City Hall

Members Present: Vince Metzger, Denise Loustalot, Ed Robey, and Jo Bennett

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Chair Denise at 6:08 p.m.

Addition to Agenda: None

Public Comment: John Jensen asked again that a discussion of televising PEG meetings be put on the agenda. He also complimented the Board on its presentation to the Board of Supervisors. Terri Larsen had comments about the pass-through. Beth discussed televising the meetings. Dante DeAmicis said he was going to the Alliance for Community Media convention about running PEG channels and will report back to the Board,


  • Enhanced Marketing Proposals: Vince presented the proposals the Marketing Committee has been putting together. It is all based on FCC rules. The proposal is attached to the minutes (see Jo's binder). He is asking that this be included in the manual revision. The Board gave its consent for the committee to work up a presentation on these proposals for the Clearlake Chamber of Commerce and bring it to the Board.
  • Scholarship for Youth: As there is no money for such a scholarship at this time, this proposal was tabled.
  • Consideration of Beth-Katherine Kaiman to be Appointed Station Lead: Jo presented a proposal to name Beth officially to this position (which she is currently doing) and clarify her authority to make emergency decisions. The Board asked Jo to write up a job description and bring it back to the Board. Several people spoke up in support of this proposal. More appropriate names for the position were mentioned, such as "Facility Coordinator". There was concern about the atmosphere in the PEG office and producers' lack of knowledge of procedures for the showing of the programs they submit. One person expressed concern about talking about individual volunteer's performance in a public meeting. Denise was concerned that the complaint procedure is not working effectively and asked that it be brought before the Board again.
  • Other: Jo would like to go to the Napa PEG station to tour their facilities. She talked to Kenny Parlett, member of the Lakeport City Council, about serving as the Lakeport rep on the PEG Board. He said he would consider it.
  • Treasurer's Report: Current balance is $9,387.11.
  • Money from Board of Supervisors - Vince asked Ed to find out why the Board has not given PEG the $5000 it promised for several years.
  • Pass-Through: Ed commented the Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 for the pass-through. They need to vote a second time before it can take effect.

Adjournment : 8:10pm

Candyce Hagler
PEG Board Secretary

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