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PEG Board Special Meeting Minutes

Date: April 25, 2013 - Clearlake City Hall

Members Present: Vince Metzger, Denise Loustalot, Ed Robey

Call to Order:Meeting called to order by Chair Denise at 5:05pm

Purpose of Meeting: In light of recent information that the pass-through monies cannot be used for salaries, the PEG Board has to come up with a new proposal and budget for the Board of Supervisors to consider.

Public Comment: Terri Larsen said that perhaps money from Yuba, the cities of Lakeport and Clearlake, and the Board of Supervisors could be used to pay for a part-time station manager. If we could get the 1% pass-through the first year, we could update all our equipment and then drop the pass-through to a lower rate in the succeeding years. She gave the Board a hand-out listing some of her other ideas (attached). Various audience members made comments. Beth spoke about the meeting with the KUSD Superintendent. She said the school district is eager to work with PEG on establishing a program that would allow students to produce and broadcast shows and events. Denise stated the BOS has asked her for a detailed proposal of how we intend to make the station work if we can't use pass-through money for salaries. Terri, her husband, Ed, and Beth will meet and put together proposals. Ed thought we should ask the BOS for a postponement of our proposals presentation until we can put them together properly. The consensus was that we have enough time to get things together before the May 14 BOS meeting. Beth will do the equipment needed list; Vince and Peter will work on the Business Plan; and Ed will get the ordinance numbers of FCC law that pertain to PEG.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

Candyce Hagler
PEG Board Secretary

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