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PEG Board Meeting Minutes
Note: This was not a regular meeting due to the removal of the posted agenda from the City Hall window.

Date: September 12, 2012 - Clearlake City Hall

Members Present: Vince Metzger, Jeff Smith, and Joyce Overton. Joel Moore and Jo Bennett were absent.

Minutes Approval: This was postponed until the October meeting.

Form Approval:
  • Video Purchase Request - change: "a charge of $5 per disk request" (additional producer charges may apply).
  • Request to Replay Video - discussion of adding a regular time to the program scheduling for replaying requested videos.
  • Complaints - Everyone must fill out this form from now on to file a complaint.
  • Submittal of DVD - producer describes video so programmer can make sure it meets requirements.
  • Bulletin Board - LCPTV reserves the right to edit all submissions.
  • Individual Release Form - must be signed by anyone who participates in a program.
Joyce reminded staff that all forms must contain station's email address.

Computer Tech: Ed Robey came in today and talked to Leightronix tech and got the steps to put in the new flash drive. It was decided to fix our DVD player instead of buying a commercial player for the time being.

  • Volunteer Staff Reports: Amorylis talked about her public availability hours. She mentioned that someone from the hospital talked about having the station do PSAs to run on LCPTV. The station computers have been getting bumped off-line frequently. Jo Bennett will call Mediacom about this. The college classes are now airing again. The heat in the office was discussed. Jeff mentioned putting vents at the top and bottom of the door so the air from the hall could circulate. Beth said WalMart has the CD sleeves for the binders. She presented samples of the program schedule. She has re-typed it and made it easier to read.
  • Other: Jeff said that eventually we should talk to Yuba, Mendo, and Marymount colleges about becoming part of the station.

Next Meeting: This will be a workshop to update information to be submitted to the BOS about the need for the pass-through. It will take place at City Hall on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 6pm

Candyce Hagler
PEG Board Secretary

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