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Valley Fire Panel 4/16/16

Trial by Fire - September 12, 2016

Valley Fire Panel

Trial By Fire

During the years, 2012-2015 Lake County was ravaged one sector at a time by fire but always skating through with minimal housing damages until last summer (205) the pot boiled over, so to speak, when it seemed we were under attack when 3 major fires occurred one right after another.

It was a fierce fight to protect the towns of Clearlake and Lower Lake during the Rocky and Jerusalem fires at the end of July through August 14th as fire-fighters dug in until after weeks of battling flames the battle was won and everyone slowly started to relax and recover.

When the first plume of smoke appeared on the horizon near Cobb Mtn on 9/12 & the call came in the crews prepared for a similar battle but instead they watched in horror the wind whipping up whirling spires of flames moving at a record pace across the south county landscape. They realized that this assault was different as in a space of a few hours the devastating fire destroyed over 1200 homes. Our county officials soon realized that they were NOT fully prepared for such magnitude of a disaster as complacency had set in over the years with old fashioned traditions (such as a manual hand cranked siren) had fallen aside with an influx of newcomers not knowing the dangers of living in mountain communities. One of the major lessons county officals have learned was the importance of a proper warning system and accurately shared local community communication.

This presentation is an absorbing account of the fire itself, the battle and the aftermath in people's lives.

Beth Katherine Kaiman LCPTV Interim Station Manager



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